Volunteers helping Animals in the Attleboro area.
Volunteers helping Animals in the Attleboro area.

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Crossing the Rainbow Bridge
Remembrances of Beloved Pets
If you are one of our adoptive families, please share your loving stories with us. In memory of absent friends - in memory, still bright. Forever leaving paw prints in our hearts.
Crystal - My wife Jill and I adopted Crystal in the summer of 1998. When we adopted her we were told that she was a mixed breed dog of unknown age that had been found wandering near the dog pound in Attleboro.When we took her to a vet to be spayed the vet guessed she was 3 to 5 years old. Her coat was very raggedy and you could see every one of her ribs on her 36 lb. frame. Within a few weeks of adopting her, her double coat took on a healthy sheen that she kept for the rest of her life. She gained weight to 50 lbs. and stayed at this weight for most of her life. Crystal had a loving disposition once she settled in to a stable life with us. She never met another dog, cat or person that she did not like. The only time she would ever bark was if a stranger came to our door. She loved to run long distances cross country with me in her early years, and then settled into a routine in later years of one or two walks a day with my wife or myself. If my wife had delayed too long during a day in going for a walk Crystal would come up to her and stare at her why shaking her collar to tell Jill it was time now to go for a walk. Crystal's daily walks could not be missed by Crystal regardless of how inclement the weather was outside. She lived a long healthy happy life of greater than 15 years.
Dallas, Texas
Angel- in early 2007, we read a plea in the Sun Chronicle desperately looking for a "hospice" or permanent foster home for a dog at the shelter. Angel, a 4 year old pitbull, abandoned at the shelter was dying of cancer. The tumors covered her body. We had no choice...we just had to do it. Angel spent 5 wonderful months with us until the cancer began to affect her quality of life. She was an absolutely wonderful dog. On the day we read that article, we didnt find Angel, she had found us.
Brett and Dave - September, 2007
Lyra- I adopted a dog from your resuce in 2003. The name we gave her was Lyra, she was the most wonderful loving sweet dog there ever was. Unfortunately Lyra contracted Lymphoma earlier this year and passed away last in September. It amazes me how much of a void has been left in my families life, everyone really loved that big girl. She was happy and spoiled, loved hiking, playing with her sister and anything that involved snow. Although she was often over 100 pounds she'd back up and sit in your lap like a puppy, she had no idea how big she was. I always wondered how someone could have taken such a great dog to the pound and left her there but their loss was certainly our gain and we will always always miss her.
Christine - September, 2009
Charlie - Because he was so sick with juvenile onset kidney disease, Charlie came to us as foster dog. This big old boy immediately became a part of the family, becoming good friends with his "step brother" Mo. From the way he acted, you would never know Charlie was so sick or that his life expectancy was so short. He was just a big puppy who liked to meet people and have fun. He was such a gentle giant, we had no fear of taking him to Friends fund-raisers where he gave out kisses by the dozen!
He was only with us for a short time, but he touched a lot of people, and he will be missed by all.
Brett and Dave - June, 2008
Marcella - As soon as I opened the crate door, out marched Marcella - queen of her domain! She strolled leisurely around the house and checked out the whole place. This was her house!
Although she preferred to sleep on her own bed, she woud climb up to the top of the recliner and rub her head against mine, purring in my ear, and putting her paw supportively on my shoulder. Funny and feisty, Marcella filled a huge hole in my life. All the people who passed her by because she was an older cat didn't know what they were missing!
Daria - February, 2008

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